Order a Dog License by Mail

License Application and Paperwork

Download and print the dog license application form. Please fill out all fields completely.

Your dog is required to have a current rabies vaccine in order to obtain a license. Proof of vaccination is requested at time of purchase, but not required. Your veterinarian can provide you with a rabies certificate, verifying your dog's vaccination status.

We offer discounted license fees for altered dogs (spayed/neutered) and for senior (65+) pet owners. If you are applying for a discounted license, you will need to provide proof of spay/neuter or proof of age at time of purchase. Your veterinarian can provide you with a spay/neuter certificate that verifies your dog is fixed.

We are unable to return copies of any documents you submit. Be sure to retain a copy for your own records.


Payment must be included with your mailed application or a license cannot be issued. We accept checks and money orders as payment for mailed license applications. Write checks payable to The City of Philadelphia. If you would prefer to pay with cash, please visit one of our license retailer locations. See below for license fee amounts.

License Fees

  • Altered Dogs: $16
  • Unaltered Dogs: $40
  • Senior Pet Owners: Apply a 50% discount to the license fee
  • Service Dogs: Free

Mail to ACCT Philly

Secure a copy of your completed license application, any required supporting paperwork, and your payment in an envelope and mail to:

Animal Care & Control Team
Attn: Dog Licensing
111 W Hunting Park Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140

Please understand that mailed in licenses take 8-12 weeks to process due to the volume we receive so it is not the best option if you require your license as soon as possible. To receive your license as soon as possible, it is recommended for you to come in during normal business hours to have your license processed in person.Please use our contact form or call us at (267) 385-3800 with any questions.


Philadelphia Dog License Application (pdf)

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