About the Get Me Home Club

Take steps now to make sure your dog or cat come home if they are ever lost!

The Get Me Home Club is a pet ID program, powered by PetHub Protection. When you purchase a Get Me Home Club QR coded tag your pet gets:

  • A FREE online pet profile that you can manage. In addition to your contact information you can add photos, medical info, dietary needs or even your pet sitterís information. Itís your profile to manage.
  • A 24 hour call center at-the-ready to help your pet get home if he or she gets lost.
  • The ability to link your Philadelphia dog license information to your Get Me Home Club tag. Thereís no need to have two tags when you upgrade to a Get Me Home Club ID!

Want even more cool stuff? After activating your tag with PetHub Protection, upgrade to a Premium Protection account and get:

  • Instant emails whenever your petís tag is scanned!
  • GPS mapping of the approximate location where your pet was located when the tag was scanned!
  • A community & shelter pet ďAmber AlertĒ system and,
  • The option of emergency medical insurance to cover injuries while a pet is lost ($3K coverage after $50 deductible)!

Check it out today!

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