Kennel Registration

What is Kennel Registration?

In accordance with the Animal Control laws of Philadelphia, it is required that all Philadelphia dog or cat kennel owners register their facilities annually and pay a registration fee of $30. By registering, owners acknowledge their understanding of, and compliance with, the requirements and minimum standards for care and control, set forth in Philadelphia Code sections 10-103.1 (“Kennels”) and 10-114 (“Animal Care – Requirements for Animal Owners and Kennels.”).

Who must register?

Kennels include dog or cat boarding kennels of any size, and other facilities in which 13 or more dogs or cats, in any combination, are kept or otherwise maintained or transferred during a calendar year. All kennels operating within the City of Philadelphia are required to register.

How do I register?

Registration can be completed online, or registration and payment can be mailed in using this form. After submitting your kennel registration you will be contacted by an ACCT Philly representative to schedule a kennel inspection.
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